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Who Will Be Relegated From The Premier League In 2012?

Each season, the battle for survival in the English Premier League is just as intense as the battle to actually win the tournament. This is not surprising when you consider the enormous sums of money involved in English football these days. Analysts estimate that the cost of relegation to a club will be in excess of £20 million, which for many clubs can lead to financial problems and even administration.

Needless to say then, that the battle for survival this season will be as keenly contested as ever. There are five clubs who are realistically in danger of going down, and three spots that must be filled. So only two clubs out of those five will be playing again in the top division next season.

Wigan Athletic, Bolton Wanderers, Blackburn Rovers, Wolverhamption Wanderers and Queens Park Rangers are the unfortunate clubs involved. All have had poor seasons and few would argue that they don’t deserve too be in the trouble in which they now find themselves. But who will survive?

QPR have strong financial backing, and have recently acquired a new manager and several new players. This hasn’t yet lead to an improvement in results though, and they have recently lost games to two of their relegation rivals, Blackburn and Wolves. However, money talks in football, and the extra quality they have bought may see them safe.

The other survival spot is harder to call. The bookmakers are also undecided on who they think will survive, with some making Wolves favorites, and others feeling that Blackburn or Bolton may have the best chance. Few believe that Wigan can survive.

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Personally, my money would be on QPR and Wolves to survive – but this is no more than a hunch. One thing’s for sure – whichever clubs do survive will need to invest some of their money in the summer transfer market to ensure that they don’t get into a similar situation next season.